About Us

MissionForest Services Academy Ghoragali Murree is envisioned to develop professional, disciplined, dedicated, proactive, and motivated public service in Punjab Forest Department through high-quality capacity building for best service delivery. Forest services academy is striving hard to train the maximum number of officers of Punjab forest Department in the most cost-effective manner.

Forest Services Academy is mandated to impart quality training to the officers and officials of Punjab forest department in order to develop the required skills, attitude, and behavior in the staff to deliver public service effectively and efficiently.

The training imparted by forest Services academy is based on field-based practical knowledge and focused on the current and future performance of forest officers/officials to enable them to acquire job-related skills, attitude, knowledge, and behavior in order to achieve the ultimate goal of better service delivery.


A motivated, proactive, dedicated, disciplined, and competent public service developed in the forestry sector.


To impart best possible training to maximum number of public servants in the most cost-effective manner


The scientific management of forests in Indo-Pak Sub-Continent started in 1864 during the British era with a focus to meet the needs of Railways and the Navy. The first Institution of Forestry Education established in 1878 by Dietrich Brandis (The founder and 1st       Inspector general of Forests in India) was the British Imperial Forest School at Dehra Dun. After a short time during 1881, a second institution called Punjab Forest School Ghoragali was established for Forestry Education in Punjab. During 1906, the British Imperial Forest School at Dera Dun was reorganized into Imperial Forest Research Institute, under the British Imperial Forestry Service for forestry research. Indian Forest College Dehra Dun was established in 1938 to impart forestry education. IFC was upgraded into Indira Gandhi National Forest Academy (IGNFA) in 1987.

During 881, Punjab Forest School Ghoragali was established by the British Government for Forestry Education of Field staff. During 1947, after partition, Forestry Education in Pakistan was housed in Lyallpur Agriculture College. During 1948, Forestry Education was shifted to Upper Topa Murree. During 1951 Forestry Education was re-shifted to Abbottabad.  During 1964 finally, Pakistan Forest Institute (PFI) was established in Peshawar. During 2017 Forest Services Academy, Ghora Gali, Murree was established at the campus of Punjab forest school Ghoragali Murree.


The major functions of Forest Services Academy Ghoragali Murree are listed below:

  1. Preparation of training strategy

  2. Implementation of training policy/plans of the Government of Punjab.

  3. Promotion of learning and training culture within Punjab Forest Department.

  4. Training need assessment and preparation of training modules in coordination with the stakeholders

  5. Development and implementation of training management information system.

  6. Resource generation by extending facility of training to public and private organizations

  1. Processing, examination, and finalization of recommendations for foreign training/scholarship facilities

  2. Collaboration with national and international training institutions and organizations

  3. Focusing on capacity building of employees in Punjab Forest Department and other training institutes

  4. Promotion of Public-Private Partnership (PPP) relating to training

  5. Development of training linkages with other training institutes.

  6. To adopt the latest teaching methodologies in line with the emerging needs of the modern era to produce dedicated and devoted workforce for better public service delivery

Pre-Service training to SDFO,s, RFO,s, RO,s and ARO,s who are recruited in the Department.

In service short trainings for capacity building of existing staff of Punjab Forest Department.

Mandatory Pre-Promotion trainings for all caders of employees in Punjab Forest Department whose promotion has been linked with successful completion of specified training from Forest Services Academy Ghoragali Murree.Customized training courses